Now offering online training packages

Are you a coach or in training and want to get your course online?

Hi, I’m Jerry Penny (from Nurture Queen Videos) and in collaboration with Gorilla Co, we have designed a strategy to get your coaching course out of the gates faster.

This means, you can start generating more sales online without having to worry about not having enough time in your day. 

How do we do this? You come in to the studio and our expert team of camera operators record your 4, or 6 part video series with professional camera equipment, state of the art lighting, sound and backdrops. 

Don’t worry, you won’t need to remember your script, we’ve got a teleprompter. 

We then take your footage and create segmented videos in high quality, crisp that are audio engineered for final output. 

This gives your online coaching program the professional feel and look that it deserves, putting you miles above your competition.

Because hey, would you watch Netflix if it was in low quality?

I’ll see you in the next video below. 

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